This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 867653


We digitize Data Capture Processes

We work along our clients helping them to become more efficient. We collaborate with them to improve the quality of their data. We have our own technology solution - SimplÿData, which is capable of identifying and classifying documents, as well as extracting data automatically. Our team is composed by multidisciplinary and highly specialized professionals.



Identification and classification of documents

We automatically identify any type of document and classify it according to the taxonomy agreed with the client. Our success ratios in document identification and classification exceed 99%.

Data extraction

We automatically extract relevant data from any type of document. Our data extraction success ratios exceed 95%.

Complement of the RPAs

We collaborate with our clients and their integrators, complementing the capacities of the RPAs (Robotic Process Automation), facilitating End-To-End process automation.


Based on NLP and AI

SimplÿData is based on Natural Language Processing technology and Artificial intelligence. We apply supervised learning, in order to achieve very high success rates from the beginning.

Native solution in English and Spanish

SimplÿData is a native solution in English and Spanish. In addition, it is capable of processing texts written in most of the most spoken languages in the world, such us French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc...

We use the best OCRs of the market

SimplÿData is ready to use any OCR. We have experience with the best OCRs of the market. We collaborate with our clients in the selection of the most suitable OCR for each case.

Easily integrable solution

SimplÿData has its own connectors to facilitate integration with our clients' systems. We have experience in integration with various repositories, Document Management Systems, BPM Solutions, RPAs, etc...

On Premise or Cloud

SimplÿData allows both deployment modalities: On Premise or Cloud. Customers can choose the option that best suits their interests.


About Us

Fundamentia is an Operations Consulting company. We collaborate with our clients to make them more efficient. We have our own technology solution 'SimplÿData', which is able of helping our clients to digitize the data capture processes. We are based in Madrid and our Operations Center is in Alicante.



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